Cassidy – Lets Go Champ

Cassidy - Let's Go Champ

Things happen. What you think should be never really is and what God has planned for us all none of us ever really know. This is a post from the heart, from those of us that truly love this music and the culture that comes along with it. With us being in trenched the way that we are and being aware of everything that happens around us we take situations like this one with Cassidy serious to the point that it’s necessary for us to tell you how we feel while providing this content to you. Cassidy was destined, not meant but destined to be one of the greatest artist to ever do it. Check his wikipedia page and you will find that he had the best support group in Dee and Wah along with Swizz Beatz behind him, he was apart of the winning team in the Ruff Ryders (With millions of records sold globally) The respect of his peers was strong,the streets were his (Probably still are) and he was able to cross over and make hit records that topped the charts and moved units. Then life happened and we don’t need to dwell on the negative but something happened, something changed and Cass just wasn’t the same Cass that we and everyone else may have been used too. Fast forward to today, fast forward to this new “Lets Go Champ” record and what you will find is that same feeling, that same aura that was his every single time he touched a mic. We pray that this is only the beginning because if Cassidy can harness this type of energy and apply it to all of his music he could easily resurrect himself and have the type of career that Rick Ross and even Young Jeezy and Game are having now.

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